When Did Pro Life Become Pro Lies?


Margaret and Helen

Margaret, this Planned Parenthood scandal seems to be all hat and no cattle – something I’ve come to expect more and more from the religious right. If honesty isn’t your best policy then join the Rebublucan party and make some shit up.

Here’s the story in a nutshell. (The key word being nut.) People who are upset about abortions are also upset about people talking about abortions. Wow. Someone call Fox News. We’ve got a story here. If we can’t make abortions illegal, let’s make talking about them illegal.

How about this instead…

I’m a nurse so I get that doctor’s in particular don’t have the best bedside manners when it comes to talking about the science of healthcare. Yes. It’s a science. I didn’t so much appreciate the way they talked about my breasts when I was diagnosed with cancer. They were my breasts after all, but the way…

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“My daughter punched her daughter”: A reader report on white privilege in elementary school


Dr. Rebecca Hains

In the past year, white families have become increasingly aware of the fact that people of color continue to be mistreated in U.S. society. The shootings of black men and youth like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Brown, coupled with campaigns such as #BlackLivesMatter, triggered deeper attention to other pervasive and insidious forms of structural inequality.

For example, children of color are frequently mistreated in school. In incidents that teachers and school authorities might characterize as misbehavior, children of color are rarely given the benefit of the doubt that white children often receive. This is reminiscent of the police shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who had a toy gun—an air rifle—in his waistband when police killed him. I find it almost impossible to imagine that a white child in the same setting would have been fatally wounded by police within two seconds, then denied any form of medical aid while his devastated sister looked on.

The fact…

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